Harbor Terrace

Harbor Terrace offers a variety of camping and accommodation types, including tent camping, RV spaces, airstreams, safari tents, and cabins. A check-in office/gift shop, gym and multi-activity/purpose building, in addition to a pool, spa, restrooms, on-site laundry services, and outdoor common areas are incorporated as on-site amenities. In addition to these on-site amenities, the site boasts near-panorama views and proximity to San Luis Bay and connections to the beach and San Luis Port restaurants and visitor-serving uses.

The project intent is to provide San Luis Obispo County, as well as regional visitors a quality, family-friendly RV campground, that presents numerous community benefits and site amenities overall. Numerous outdoor common areas are provided throughout the site and cater to a range of abilities, comprising a variety of seating areas on the numerous terraces, walking paths, and overlook areas to capitalize on the views. The Harbor Terrace design character complements the coastal location, playing tribute to attributes and materials characteristic of coastal development, including, but not limited to elements of wood, nautical and coastal inspired site amenity branding, and site-specific orientation to maximize views for each site. RRM worked with the county, the harbor district, coastal commission staff, and  the coastal Conservancy to design and entitle title the Harbor Terrace project. We are providing planning, landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, and surveying services. 

RRM Services Provided:

Planning and Urban Design Services provided for this project
Civil Engineering Services provided for this project
Architecture Services provided for this project
Landscape Architecture Services provided for this project
Surveying Services provided for this project