Noveno Single Family Homes

The Noveno Single Family residential community was developed out of the strategic land planning of the West Creek Master plan. Through two linear greenways, the site gracefully occupies its otherwise cumbersome steep slopes- turning what is characteristically a land planning obstacle into a defining amenity. The design combines these greenways as the front yard host for alley-loaded product – the result is the “Parkway” home. This spectacular combo simultaneously creates a community space filled with amenities for all to enjoy while providing a front yard for the Parkway homes that uniquely captures the spanning views. These greenways are the linear jewels within the community whose paths lead to the site’s creek and park that delivers the natural break in product density.

This unified community is further celebrated through its cohesive architecture style that supports a historical local language with a contemporary flair. The Parkway homes offer a distinct product for workforce housing and the Avenue homes provide a traditional product along the neighborhood’s edges. Through deliberate land planning and distinct architectural character, Noveno is a neighborhood that offers a modern lifestyle rooted in history that captures the beauty of its surroundings and shares them through stunning community amenities.


2021 Gold Nugget Grand Award: Best Unique Residential Detached Housing Solution