Oceano Elementary School

Oceano Elementary School utilized RRM Design Group’s services to replace twelve existing relocatable classroom buildings and providing eight new typical classrooms and four new kindergarten classrooms using modular buildings. The campus improvements include the creation of an outdoor classroom space with tiered seating in a small amphitheater and the creation of a new accessible kindergarten play yard. By carefully siting the new buildings, the project has been able to avoid the expense of installing temporary classrooms for both this project and the future modernization of the existing campus that was constructed in 1951.

This project also includes the development of prototype kindergarten and standard classroom buildings to be replicated on other campuses under the current bond program. The kindergarten classrooms are set in pairs of rooms that share a pair of toilet rooms and handwashing sinks. Each classroom is provided with windows into the shared vestibule between the classrooms so that teachers can both see into the vestibule and into their grade level partner’s classroom, which facilitates collaborative teaching.