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RRM Design Group offers a wide variety of planning and urban design services to our private and public clients.  By working collaboratively with our clients and other disciplines including engineering, landscape architecture, and architecture we turn visions into beautiful projects and vibrant communities.  RRM puts a strong emphasis on balancing environmental, aesthetic, social, and economic factors while providing sustainable solutions to effectively meet your objectives. With professional expertise and inspiration, we design projects of all sizes that become places people enjoy.

RRM Community and Urban Design Project Types:

Taking Steps Towards Solving California’s Housing Crisis

It is no small secret that California has been suffering an extended and increasing housing shortage for the last several decades. Bringing an end of this crisis involves the coordination of numerous public agencies and private organizations, and it begins with a plan. RRM’s Community and Urban Design group is proud to share news of the adoption of several new city-wide housing-related documents, all of which play a crucial part in the process of building sufficient housing across California.

RRM’s Community and Urban Design Group is happy to share that six out of six city planning documents in recent months have successfully been adopted by their respective city councils. Why is this big news? Because this is how more housing in California is planned for and built.

Seven Out of Seven City Planning Documents Approved!

CITY OF CERRITOS HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE – Adopted by Cerritos City Council on January 27, 2022

CITY OF EL MONTE HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE – Adopted by El Monte City Council on February 1, 2022

CITY OF LA PUENTE HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE – Adopted by La Puente City Council on February 22, 2022

CITY OF BUENA PARK HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE – Adopted by Buena Park City Council on January 25, 2022

CITY OF ROSEMEAD HOUSING ELEMENT UPDATE – Adopted by Rosemead City Council on January 11, 2022

CITY OF ENCINITAS SB-2 PLANNING GRANT – Adopted by Encinitas City Council on February 9, 2022

CITY OF DUBLIN MULTIFAMILY DESIGN STANDARDS – Adopted by Dublin City Council on March 1, 2022

Planning & Urban Design Leadership

RRM’s Planning & Urban Design Group is led by Debbie Rudd, Jami Williams, Diane Bathgate, and Vic Montgomery.

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