San Luis Obispo High School Classroom Improvements

With the passage of the San Luis Coastal USD’s first General Obligation bond in 25 years, the revitalization of San Luis Obispo High School was the top priority. While the campus underwent the changes from adding a new pool and Student Services Administration Building, the biggest challenge became the modernization of Building 100, a nearly 100,000 square foot combination one- and two-story building that housed the administrative offices, library, science labs and half of the campus classrooms. With the relocation of the Administration to the front of campus for security, the question of how to repurpose that area of the building became a central issue.

The design team explored various approaches to Building 100 including: replacement of the building, partial demolition and addition of a new building with a plaza, and a complete renovation. After analyzing siting logistics and costs, including temporary housing, it was determined to proceed with a complete transformative renovation of the building. Given the building’s central location on campus – and the school’s a lack of a multi-use and dining space – the new design for Building 100 provides a Kitchen, Student Commons and Library opening on to a newly developed outdoor plaza. The modernization has been executed through 3 separate phases, avoiding the need for temporary housing.

The renovation required reducing the building to bare structure, allowing maximum flexibility for a complete reimagination of its functionality. Since much of the campus architecture is in a Spanish Colonial motif, it was critical to remake this building in that style. A large elevator tower that also became a clock tower was added in the front with an entirely new façade and covered outdoor eating area. The resulting exterior design is a welcoming backdrop to the new plaza at the campus core.