Architecture »

RRM's Architecture group has staff in all six RRM offices and covers a wide variety of project types

Housing Solutions - Multifamily affordable, multifamily market, mixed-Use, senior Housing, single family development, accessory dwelling units (ADU)

Education - K12 education, college and university

Civic - civic and community

Commercial, Mixed-Use, and Hospitality - Commercial and office, mixed-use, wineries, breweries, and hospitality

Public Safety - Fire stations, police stations, training facilities

Custom Residential

Interior Design

Engineering »

RRM's Engineering department is comprised of civil engineers, structural engineers, and surveyors

Civil Engineering - Infrastructure, sewer/wastewater, water resources, roads, bikeways, and trails, entitlements, construction observation

Structural Engineering - Public & private projects, commercial, retail, hospitality, educational, institutional, retrofit design,  multifamily, SFR, and custom residential, TI renovations

Surveying - Construction staking, boundary surveying, topographic mapping, American Land and Title Association Surveys (ALTA), aerial mapping and control, high definition laser scanning, tract and parcel maps, easements, hydrographic surveying, DOGGR certifications, right of way surveys

Landscape Architecture »

Some of California's most beautiful parks, greenways, and outdoor areas originated as drawings and ideas inside RRM's Landscape Architecture group

Parks - Community parks, neighborhood parks, sports and athletic fields

Trails and Open Space - Open space and regional parks, trails, greenways, and linear parks

Residential Landscape Architecture

Educational Environments

Urban Design - Coastal plans and waterfront, plazas and town squares, streetscapes and parklets, urban design

Commercial and Hospitality - Commercial, Wineries, Breweries, and Hospitality

Planning and Urban Design »

This group is responsible for the creation of thoughtful plans and standards for cities and developments across the state

Land Planning and Subdivision Design

Entitlement and Development Services - Commercial, office, mixed-use, wineries, breweries, and hospitality

Urban Design and Placemaking - Plazas, town squares, public art, streetscapes and parklets

Community and Advanced Planning

Housing Policy and Implementation - Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) standards and prototypes, housing elements and implementation, objective design standards

Design Review and Contract Services - Design review and training, development review process analysis, on-call planning