Entitlement & Development Services

Entitlement & Development Services

Entitlement is the crucial step toward making your development becoming a reality. Working with our clients, we collaborate to craft a comprehensive strategy designed to assist agency staff in thoroughly understanding the project. We identify challenges early in the process to help strategically navigate the entitlement process and comply with multiple layers of regulations. We are project advocates and solutions-oriented. We have the mindset that your project is our project. We’re resourceful strategists and advisors that thrive on the challenges of developing in California’s communities within an ever-shifting regulatory environment. RRM’s key entitlement & development services include:

  • Preparation of design feasibility and yield studies to identify development options and alternatives
  • Tailored entitlement strategies reflecting the needs for your project
  • Public outreach including decision-maker meetings, community outreach, neighborhood meetings and project support campaigns
  • Project Management and Entitlement Processing at the Local, State and Federal level
  • Preparation of project application and support materials

·  Coordination of technical and environmental analysis consultants

·  Feasibility level project entitlements budgeting and scheduling

·  Project implementation estimates and budgeting

·  Facilitation and navigation of the development review process

·  Review and comment on environmental documents, staff reports, and conditions of approval

·  Assist in negotiation of mitigation measures and conditions of approval

·  Public agency coordination

·  Representation at public hearings

·  Coordination of community service district reviews and approvals

·  Coordination of state or federal permits/approvals

·  Project team management, coordination, and scheduling

  • Post Approval Coordination

·  Permit and condition compliance

·  Mitigation Measure Monitoring Program compliance

·  Preparation of construction documents

·  Cost and bonding estimates

·  Construction permit submittals and plan review responses

·  Construction permits