Public Outreach

Communication in our modern era has become increasingly distant, making effective and thorough engagement with communities and stakeholders more challenging. Our team utilizes a variety of methods to engage participants of diverse backgrounds, education levels, and abilities with a cross-platform approach that gives agencies the ability to listen, offer remote participation, and collect feedback from all voices in the community. The times of only holding in-person town hall meetings and workshops are being transformed by the demand for a more robust methodology. At RRM, our cross-platform approach gives agencies the ability to listen, offer remote participation, and catalog feedback from a wide variety of voices.

Getting the word out

Strengthen participation through education and notification. From physical mailers to digital notifications, we can help spread the word about your upcoming projects and help get the community involved.

Collecting Public Input

Projects are shaped by community feedback, ideas, and opinions. We have a wide range of tools to help acquire and collect input from your community from online surveys that can be taken at any time to live brainstorming and ideation activities.

Expanding the conversation

We’re experts in hosting virtual & in-person outreach sessions to engage a broad cross-section of stakeholders.

Engaging with online tools

 From virtual public meetings, to live surveys, to centralizing project information in a succinct webpage, we have a fresh take on community engagement that helps our clients engage with key demographics that are traditionally not represented.

A fresh take on community outreach

Early on in 2020, we recognized that the outbreak of COVID-19 demonstrated the need for more robust and innovative systems of public engagement. We anticipate that the upward trend of “remote engagement” will continue beyond the lifespan of the pandemic, so our team has quickly adapted and been trained to be experts in engagement strategies for the virtual world. Learn more about our engagement toolkit below: