Stockmen’s Park & Livermore Downtown Concept Plan

The City of Livermore retained RRM Design Group to lead the conceptual design, outreach process, and construction documentation, for the new Stockmen’s Park in downtown Livermore. The 3-acre park and plaza is named in honor of the Stockmen’s Rodeo Association, who donated land to the City, This new civic greenspace is the centerpiece of the City’s larger Downtown Concept Plan and will act as the heart of the space that is set to be built out starting in the near future. According the concept plan, the central lawn will soon be surrounded by a series of community facilities including a black-box theatre, a Science and Society Center, new restaurant and commercial buildings, and adjacent multifamily residences. Stockmen’s Park is set to be a vital outdoor space for these future developments.

The project contains a handful of key focal points that pay homage to its namesake association including the central lawn that is horseshoe shaped as well as cattle brand marks from surrounding ranching families etched into the concrete throughout the space. Additional features interwoven into the design in honor of the Stockmen include the large bronze gateway and sign for the park as well as the bronze monument at the park’s entry that denotes the history of the association and the site itself.

RRM was tasked with completing the design process in less than 12-months to enable the City to work concurrently on multiple capital projects that interrelate with the park site, including a new street, parking structure, and the larger Downtown Concept Plan. With impeccable project management and outreach strategy, the team was able to attain an abundance of public input that went into shaping the park. Pulling inspiration from the Stockmen’s Rodeo Association as well as the community at large, the team was able to design and build out a park that aligned perfectly with the needs of the City of Livermore.


2021 APA Planning Awards: Award of Merit – Urban Design
– American Planning Association Northern California Section