Redwood Fire Station

Redwood Fire Station is situated in the mountain community along Highway 17, serving as a replacement for the previous station.This project is comprised of stories to accommodate apparatus bays, apparatus support, exercise and office spaces on the ground floor, as well as living and sleeping quarters for the fire department on the second floor. A functioning fire watch tower is integrated as part of the stair tower of the station to assist firefighters in viewing the fire location within the mountain area and traffic considerations of the mountain roadway.

The fire station is part of an existing community campus that includes the community park, pool, and community center with associated parking. The station layout was arranged to provide fire apparatus circulation on the campus to allow for a safe drive-thru station. Furthermore, the station design facilitates proper separation of decontamination areas to protect firefighters and the community from exposure to harmful toxins and contaminants, adhering to the principle of “Healthy In, Healthy Out.” Designed with a lodge-style facade, the station seamlessly blends with the character of the mountain community.