Hayward Industrial Districts Regulations Update

RRM Design Group has been retained by the City of Hayward to prepare an updated set of Industrial District Regulations. The recently updated General Plan policies encourage the establishment and expansion of knowledge and innovation-based industry clusters and promote a desirable and attractive amenity-rich industrial environment with minimal detrimental impacts to surrounding community and properties. The Industrial District Regulations Update project is an important step toward reaching the community’s goal of growing the Industrial Corridor as an economic and employment center containing a healthy balance of traditional manufacturing and information and technology-based uses.

The ultimate objective for this project is to produce a state of the art, flexible, user-friendly set of regulations that will serve as an effective tool to encourage the establishment and expansion of advanced technology industries, expanding the City’s list of allowed uses to attract desirable uses, updating standards to attract quality development, establishing subdistricts to reflect the unique characteristics and needs of individual areas, developing performance standards, and addressing compatibility issues between existing sensitive uses and industrial activities.

RRM Design Group