Our planners are skilled at putting shape to your community and turning visions into great communities. In public and private arenas, we work collaboratively with engineers, landscape architects, and architects to balance environmental, social and economic factors, to meet your objectives most effectively, while ensuring sustainable solutions. With professional insights and public inspiration, we design projects of all sizes that become places people enjoy. Our planning services include:

Agency Contract Planning
General Plans
Healthy Communities
Local Coastal Plans
Master Plans
Specific Plans
Sustainable and Green Policy Preparation and Implementation

John Wilbanks, AICP, CNU-A:
Debbie Rudd, AICP, LEED AP:


John Wilbanks, AICP, CNU-A:
Debbie Rudd, AICP, LEED AP:

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RRM Design Group - As professional problem solvers and designers, we are interested in the world around us, the people who live in it, and the places that inspire them. We are driven by a desire to help our clients achieve their dreams. That is why we are in business. RRM Design Group is an award-winning design firm of architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, planners, surveyors, and LEED® accredited professionals. Our work includes architectural rendering, mixed use development, community planning and development, and urban design and planning, among numerous other project types. Since 1974, RRM has been inspired by the power of Creating Environments People Enjoy®.