Our Transportation + Mobility Expertise

With a team of over 135 professionals, RRM serves public agencies throughout California integrating transitional transportation planning concepts with actionable infrastructure designs to continue shifting California’s transportation modes towards sustainability.

On the planning front, RRM develops Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects, corridor studies, Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plans, station plans, first and last mile systems, and multi-modal network master plans. On the design and engineering front, we prepare construction document packages for multiuse trails, rail trails, greenways, on-street bike facilities, complete streets, roundabouts, traffic circles, and roadways.

With over 100 state and federally funded transportation projects completed, RRM carries each project from preliminary design, through environmental clearance, into final engineering, and construction. We do this through consistent and proactive management of RRM’s staff and our trusted subconsultant team of environmental, geotechnical, soil remediation, traffic, rail, and cost management firms.