Transportation & Mobility

At RRM, we are committed to serving public agencies throughout California, integrating transitional mobility planning concepts with actionable infrastructure designs. Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of California’s mobility modes, making them more sustainable and accessible to all. 

With a multidisciplinary in-house team of Landscape Architects, Engineers, Planners, and Urban Designers, our professionals collaborate on projects to elevate designs. With over 100 state and federally-funded mobility projects completed, our team possesses the in-house expertise to take projects from initial visioning stages through preliminary design, environmental clearance, into final engineering, and construction. We do this through consistent and proactive management of RRM’s staff and our trusted sub-consultant team of traffic, rail, environmental, geotechnical, and cost management firms. 

Active Transportation

Promoting Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Micro Mobility Friendly Communities 

RRM is helping pioneer a new era in urban mobility with our innovative Active Transportation team. We specialize in planning, designing, engineering, and delivering solutions that promote sustainable and healthy modes of commuting within communities. Our comprehensive suite of services spans infrastructure development, public outreach campaigns, micro-mobility solutions, rail trail design, , and way finding plans. We’re here to partner with public agencies, and organizations eager to embrace eco-friendly transportation alternatives and build more vibrant, resilient communities. Join us in transforming urban landscapes, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing quality of life. Experience the future of transportation with RRM Design Group.


Project Types:
  • Active Transportation Plans 
  • Multiuse Trails 
  • Greenways 
  • On-Street Bike Facilities 
  • Rail Trails 
  • NEV Systems 
  • Micro-Mobility  
  • Sidewalk Improvements 


Complete Streets

Shaping the Future of Cities, One Street at a Time.  

Complete Streets encourage walking and biking, transforming our cityscape into a harmonious blend of accessibility, sustainability, and comfort. These streets cater to the diverse needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles while setting the gold standard for urban design. Lined with abundant shade-providing trees, the environment exudes a pleasant and inviting ambiance, even during the hottest of days. Bio swales, integrated seamlessly into the design, ensure efficient stormwater management while promoting lush greenery and improved water quality. Shaded seating areas offer cooler environments for walkers and joggers, fostering a sense of community and connectivity. With RRM at the helm, Complete Streets exemplify the perfect harmony between transportation and ecological sensibility, making our urban spaces safer, more enjoyable, and eco-friendly. 


Project Types:
  • Complete Streets 
  • Streetscape 
  • Traffic Circles 
  • Geen Infrastructure  
  • Bike Lanes 
  • Sidewalk Improvements 
  • Safe Routes to School 


Mobility Hubs

Transforming Stations into Vibrant Community Centers

Mobility Hubs play a vital role in enhancing the commuter experience around light rail stations. These comprehensive centers seamlessly integrate elements that contribute to a vibrant and well-connected cityscape. Parks and plazas provide green oases for commuters and residents alike, offering a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Strategically placed resting spaces invite people to take a moment of respite and recharge. For those who prioritize eco-friendly transportation, bike storage facilities cater to cyclists, promoting sustainable mobility options within the Connectivity Center. Moreover, the incorporation of outdoor exercise stations encourages a healthy lifestyle, promoting physical fitness in the heart of town. Together, these elements, in collaboration with mobility hub solutions, create Connectivity Centers that not only foster a sense of community but also encourage sustainable transportation and active living, effectively transforming light rail stations into vibrant and holistic urban hubs, with RRM Design Group leading the way.


Project Types:
  • Plazas and Squares:
    Reimagining public spaces for social interaction and events.
  • Parks and Trails Networks:
    Integrating green spaces with transit access.

  • First & Last Mile Systems:
    Making it convenient for commuters to access transit.

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Escondido Creek Trail