Venice Beach Oceanfront Walk and Skate Park

RRM Design Group provided the planning, construction documents, bid services, cost estimates, and construction administration for the award-winning renovation of the 1.7-mile Venice Beach Oceanfront Walk, the busiest public park in Los Angeles and the second most visited place in California. The project required extensive public outreach, including a series of interactive public meetings, workshops, newsletters, and written and camera surveys, working with various community groups and City agencies. The design itself proved vandal resistant, safe, low maintenance, innovative, artistic, and attractive. The plan refurbished 6 restrooms, added 4 new restrooms, and provided the conceptual design plans for plazas, performance areas, recreational facilities, basketball courts, paths (bike, skate, and pedestrian), public art, gateway monuments, street furniture and children’s play areas. The City of Los Angeles and the California Coastal Commission unanimously adopted the Venice Beach plans.

Related with the Oceanfront Walk, RRM Design Group, along with Wormhoudt Inc., worked with the City of Los Angeles and the local skate community to develop a 16,000 sf public skate park for the heart of Southern California’s skate culture. The original iconic skate area known as “The Pit” was torn down in 2000 to make way for the planned Windward Plaza improvements. After an extensive public outreach effort with the skate community, including local skate legend Jessie Martinez, the design team came up with a plan reminiscent of the “The Pit” as well as new terrain designed to challenge even the most advanced skater. The $2.4 million dollar skate park opened October 3, 2009.


Award of Excellence: Facility Design Extreme Sports
– California Parks & Recreation Society(CPRS)

Merit Award: Park and Recreation Design
– American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), California Southern Chapter

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