Sinsheimer Park Playground

The half-acre playground at Sinsheimer Park is a multi-level, action packed hub of activity. Taking maximum advantage of the sloped site, the design features a 3-story tower, five large slides ranging from 12- to 18-feet tall, and a zip line. The most popular attraction, however, is a synthetic grass covered slope – 14-feet high – that allows kids (and adults that just can’t resist the temptation) to free-form slide, roll, and tumble into the protective surfacing below. The squeals of delight and red-faced cheeks are proof that kids are getting great exercise, and having fun doing it.

Of particular noteworthiness is the fact that the play environment is almost entirely accessible; the exception being the top floor of the tower. This provides a rare opportunity for mobility-impaired people to enjoy a richer, more integrated play experience.

Each of the three separate play pads doubles as a stormwater detention basin, hidden below the protective surfacing, to catch runoff and allow it to percolate into the ground.