Morro Bay High School Facility & Classroom Improvements

As the second major school to be renovated under SLCUSD’s Measure D, the Morro Bay High School campus has three major buildings, which house all their non-science and CTE related classrooms, library, kitchen and multi-use auditorium. Built in the 1950’s and 60’s, those buildings became the focus of the high school modernization. With approximately 90,000 square feet, the design team was tasked with developing separate dining and performing spaces, and increasing the functionality of the classroom wings.

To accomplish the transformation, the two main classroom buildings were stripped to bare structure, storefronts removed and interior walls and hallways removed to provide for new functional layouts. Wide central hallway spaces were converted to collaboration spaces, work rooms, storage rooms, offices and classrooms. Interior classroom access was moved to the exterior with new storefront window walls. The library was relocated from the main assembly building to a classroom building, opening onto a newly designed central quad.

The main assembly building saw the greatest transformation with a multi-use auditorium converted to a theater space taking advantage of the higher folded plate roof structure with level floor stage for flexibility, while taking advantage of a covered outdoor walkway for lobby gathering. A new kitchen was created on the west side of the building as classroom and library spaces were converted to a new Student Commons for dining with a food court, located to open directly to the new Quad. With new paint color schemes, new roofing and storefront window systems, the three buildings that form the heart of the campus have been transformed into a new modern school.