Dublin Objective Design Standards & ADU Prototypes

The City of Dublin hired RRM Design Group to develop clearly defined objective design standards endorsed by the community and decision-makers that can be applied to multifamily and mixed-use residential projects. The intent of the project is to ensure that new residential development is compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods, that quality materials are used, that building form and scale are appropriate to the site, and that development complies with the intent of SB35 laws to facilitate and expedite construction of housing. The final product will include clearly written standards with easy-to-use graphics. Given the lack of large sites for new housing projects, the City is promoting the development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). To assist in this effort, RRM is developing prototype plans including elevations, floor plans for garage conversion, and building permit plans for ADUs that will save property owners money, expedite the permit process, and help ensure well-designed ADUs are built.