More RRM Services

In addition to our core disciplines, RRM offers unique stand alone service offerings for our clients as well as additional services that bridge multiple services groups. These include:

Online Community Engagement

How does RRM reach the unreachable? Often hosting public forums to obtain feedback is not enough to capture strong community representation. RRM utilizes a variety of methods to engage a broad spectrum of the community in meaningful dialogue.

Overview of RRM’s Online Public Engagement Toolkit

The staff at RRM Design Group help our clients choose the most effective online tools for gathering useful feedback. The tools used fit into five primary categories:

  • Video – By far the most effective and difficult tool to use, RRM carefully chooses the right type of video conveyance for each of our clients’ needs at any particular time. This covers a wide gamut of video types: prerecorded video, live video meetings, livestreams, teleconferencing, and slideshows. A successful video campaign hinges on being able to reach the intended audience; therefore, RRM generally builds up interest in upcoming video presentations by communicating the use of video beforehand.
  • Online Surveys – When used in conjunction with targeted advertisements and online communication, online surveys can be a highly effective method of gauging public interest and opinions.
  • Project and/or Meeting Websites – RRM can create unique landing pages or where specific content (videos, surveys, images, PDFs) can be displayed. These pages can be highly branded and customized depending on the project.
  • Email and Social Media Communication – Most of RRM’s clients have existing social media outlets. RRM can assist by providing further guidance on effective posts, content, and linking strategies for both email and social media.
  • Advertising – Utilize targeted advertising to reach specific audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Content can be created and targeted by location, interests, job title, educational background among many other factors.

Conventional Public Outreach

Community Engagement


RRM has extensive experience working on grant-funded projects, including those funded by SB2, Prop 68, the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC), the Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) grants, and more. Our team is ready and equipped to support you in a number of areas ranging from facilitating public engagement to developing Master Plans in support of grant applications, and even taking grant-funded projects from preliminary design through to construction and grant reporting. We thoroughly understand the importance of ensuring work efforts and products are compliant with grant provisions and are responsive to billing, reporting, and documentation requirements.

We are currently supporting agencies with funding through the Prop 68  Statewide Parks Program. Click the link below to learn more about how we can support your agency.

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignGraphic design involves listening to our client’s needs while guiding them towards an appropriate, contemporary, and lasting solution. We integrate our graphic design services into our multi-discipline design approach to provide a full spectrum of solutions to our clients. Our graphic services include project logos and branding, document layouts, brochures, wayfinding and signage, interpretive exhibit design, flyers, postcards and mailers as well as website and social media design.

Sustainable Services

RRM is a leader in sustainable projects with LEED certification, green building practices, sustainable architecture design, and sustainable development. We believe that our attention to the environmental and economical details in a project helps to improve the quality of life for those who will experience our work. Our objective is to strategically apply the best practices that will result in better environmental quality, conservation of energy and resources, educate our clients and patrons, and save money doing so.