The Prop 68 Statewide Parks Program

The Prop 68 Statewide Parks Program (SPP)

187 Grants and COunting!

The Prop 68 Statewide Parks Program is the largest park-related grant program in the history of the state of California. Over the past 6 years, over 187 parks projects have been funded and over $622 million of funding has been awarded. The state is on it’s fourth round of funding for the Statewide Parks Program with $395.3 million available to agencies that meet program criteria.

The goal of this program is to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged communities throughout California – and we know now more than ever how big a role parks can play in that. That’s why our team is here to help! The deadline to apply for this cycle of funding is March 12, 2021, and we’re ready to help you apply for this grant and win money for potential projects in your city.

How Can RRM Help you?

RRM has a breadth of experience in park design and development. From applying for grants to fund your project, to public outreach and a final rendered park design, our team is ready to help you every step of the way to create a park that blends perfectly within your community. Perhaps it’s a project you haven’t thought about – let us help you brainstorm. Have something in mind – we’ll ensure the project is eligible and competitive. We know it’s A LOT OF WORK – we’re here to help you! 

We’ll help you with a number of items of high value for a reasonable fee!

Please inquire quickly! we will be limiting the number of agencies that we assist to ensure we deliver our best work.

We’ll work with you and your team to help analyze your current parks to see if they are eligible. Additionally, we’ll look at undeveloped land and discuss park feasibility – let us help you brainstorm and research eligibility for your potential park site. 

we can also assist with the following services, which are reimbursable once you are awarded grant money. 

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  Even with COVID, this is still a very large part of the competitive process. Let us help you develop a strategy that effectively reaches your community even during a pandemic. We have the tools and resources necessary to engage in a way that fits your community’s needs. From in-person, socially distanced engagement to online outreach, attaining community feedback takes a lot of planning and technical assistance – we have a whole team that will help you!  

  • PARK DESIGN: Once we receive input from your community, we’ll develop potential iterations of your park.

  • PARKS GRAPHICS including rendered designs, exhibits, photos, and more.

  • COST ESTIMATES for park development and construction


We can also assist you in Grant Writing to apply for the SPP (however, this cannot be reimbursed once the grant is awarded.)

Let’s Connect:

Southern California

Amanda Seibel

Senior Landscape Designer

Central California

Melanie Mills

Principal Landscape Architect

Northern California

Gina Chavez

Manager of Landscape Architecture 


Senior Landscape Architect

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