No more eating cold food by middle schoolers at Solvang School! To solve the problem of food getting cold during transport from the lower campus kitchen to the upper campus, Solvang School District gained an exponential benefit by installing a new prep kitchen for the upper campus. The new facility created an opportunity for the middle school to extend its curriculum and offer a culinary program for students who could use the functioning kitchen as a hands-on classroom and get a head start on career technical education.
RRM Design Group embarked on this transformative project bringing an international touch with Danish modern style to redefine the school’s design language while seamlessly integrating it with the town’s identity. Our central objective was to create a distinct and welcoming entrance that not only serves as a focal point for both campuses but also reflects the community’s ethos. Additionally, this project improved the overall functionality of the school by upgrading the drop-off area for enhanced safety and convenience.

Design Process: In the initial stages of the design process, our team presented three distinct options, each embodying a unique architectural style to cater to diverse preferences. The first option embraced a modern aesthetic in alignment with recent school constructions, reflecting a contemporary vision. The second option showcased our interpretation of Danish modern design, bringing a touch of international flair. The third option was carefully blended with the existing architectural aesthetics of the school, ensuring continuity and seamless integration into the campus environment.

Material selection played a crucial role, as we prioritized both durability and design aesthetics, ensuring the structures not only withstand the test of time but also contribute to an appealing visual landscape. Mindful of maintenance considerations, low-maintenance plant varieties were carefully chosen to enrich the green spaces without imposing a heavy upkeep burden. We strategically placed entry monuments to uniquely distinguish each campus, fostering a sense of identity within a cohesive design. Ultimately, our team’s goal was to meet the school’s functional needs while crafting a visually engaging and harmonious environment that resonates with the diverse preferences of the school community.