We are pleased to announce the recent leadership promotions of Gina Chavez from Associate to Senior Associate and Elijah Pearce, Noah Walters, Bryan Redsun, and Kayla Szubielski to Associate.


Bryan is a civil engineer with nine years of experience and works out of our San Juan Capistrano office. He decided to become a civil engineer to better understand, and help build, the world around him. He is passionate about working on parks and trails projects, as well as land development projects. The collaborative nature of the work environment, as well as getting to work with and learn from the different disciplines are his favorite parts of working at RRM. When not at work, you will find Bryan in the outdoors. He is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. He also loves spending time with his 1.5-year-old daughter Callan, and is looking forward to the birth of his son Reid in September.

Kayla has over eight years of experience as a Landscape Architect and works in our San Juan Capistrano office. A school project about career options led her into the landscape architecture profession, marrying her love of architecture with her love of the outdoors. As an avid cyclist, she is passionate about trail design and alternative modes of transportation. She loves to design safe routes within communities that connect key destinations to open spaces. She has focused most of her career on public projects that provide positive impacts on communities. She loves working at RRM because of the people, collaborative culture, being able to work with and learn from all our disciplines, being a part of an ESOP company, and having each day at work be unique. Outside of work, you will find Kayla on her bike. She has completed three AIDS/Lifecycle charity rides from Los Angeles to San Francisco, raising awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS.

With over seven years of experience, Noah is a civil engineer in our San Luis Obispo office. Noah decided to get into this profession because of the dynamic workdays, ability to solve complex problems, his love of drafting and the satisfaction that comes from seeing his drawings eventually get built. Noah is passionate about efficient design, creative solutions, and finding housing solutions for everyone. He loves working at RRM because of the great people, opportunities for continuous education and career support. Outside of work, Noah is an amateur potter (for clarification this is pottery, not a huge Harry Potter fan) and self-taught programmer.

Elijah is an architect in our Santa Barbara office with over ten years of experience. He has spent most of his career focused on designing affordable housing and creating homes that people can afford. His favorite part of the process is getting to see a rough vision realized into a tangible project. He got into the profession of architecture because of his love of drawing and tinkering. To him, architecture is a great combination of the creative and the craft. He loves working at RRM because of the amazing people that support, challenge and make him laugh. Outside of work, Elijah has his hands full with a one-year-old daughter that he is currently training to be a master architect! He also is a master loquat jam maker (Don’t worry, we too had to google loquat, it is a small stone fruit that is described as a cross between a mango and an apricot.)






Congratulations to Gina Chavez who has moved from Associate to Senior Associate!