In concert with so many Americans who have voiced their objections and horror to injustice and racism in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, we at RRM add our voice and pledge to take action to end this systemic plague. Over the past week, we have reflected and engaged in various conversations with employees on the current events surrounding racial discrimination and injustice. Together, we’ve been able to share our emotions, listen to one another, and speak candidly about what we are seeing in the world. To our co-workers, clients, and communities of color: we see you, we value you, and we stand with you.


Our mission for the past 45 years has been to create environments people enjoy. Environments cannot be enjoyed until we listen to others, speak out for what is right, and consider all who will experience the work we create. As a company, we are committed to doing all that we can to be a part of a movement that takes action to change the status quo. We have begun this engagement with a set of initiatives including:


1. The development of an Inclusive Excellence Team to foster an ongoing dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion within our firm
2. An internal Diversity and Inclusion Resource Toolkit with filled educational materials and involvement opportunities
3.A commitment to continue hosting employee education sessions in the form of guest speakers and group discussions.


This is a starting point in our internal efforts and we know the road to healing is long. This we promise: RRM will never stop in our journey to build a strong, inclusive, and