We have an exciting announcement about two Associates Program advancements that were determined at the December Board meeting. Annie Wessels and Michael Doremus have been promoted to Senior Associates. Both Annie and Michael stood out as candidates within our associates program and have made great progress in their roles as leaders in addition to contributing to the success of our firm as a whole.



Annie recently celebrated her 15 year work anniversary at RRM. Her dedication to the company is visible in everything she does for our firm. She’s a trusted advisor to our business developers, a fierce believer that the details really matter, and brings a thoughtful perspective. Annie has truly flourished in her leadership and management position over the past several years and we’re excited to see her take that to the next level as a Senior Associate.








Michael joined  RRM in 2015 as a department of one. Building a division within a firm with the history and depth of ours takes patience and sensitivity, which describes Michael to a T. He has helped to develop a now 5-person group of structural engineers that truly complement the multidisicpline nature of our firm. We are excited to continue to see Michael grow in this new leadership position.