COmmunity Goals

RRM Design Group was approached by the Rancho Madrina Homeowners Association Board to enhance the landscape design for the community frontage and parkway areas along Rancho Viejo Road. The goal is to reinvigorate the rustic character of the space and its distinct “California” feel. This will be accomplished by celebrating the existing mature trees and select plantings while supplementing the landscape with new drought-tolerant species that complement and enhance the existing community character and sense of place.


The community frontage and parkway areas along Rancho Viejo Road are long and have a series of distinct conditions, each with their own individual challenges. Four different conditions, or “zones”, have been identified across the site which  have been addressed with specific design solutions. They are the Entry Zone, Flat Zone, Wall Zone, and Hillside Zone. RRM has prepared design studies for each of these zones to portray the proposed community frontage and parkway improvements in visual form.

Site Legend

  Entry zone

  • existing entry design to be brought out to the street to enhance the entire entry experience
  • emphasize existing planting design and fill gaps as needed
  • new bronze uplights under trees
  • enhanced planting focused around entry

 Wall zone

  • low maintenance materials above wall
  • accent grasses and rock mulch in front of wall
  • boulder & crushed rock in large swathes of parkway

  Hillside zone

  • create a welcoming secondary entry
    emphasize existing succulents and fill in gaps
  • provide groundcover at pedestrian edge
  • blend new planting into mature areas

 Flat zone

  • expand large evergreen shrub planting
  • fill in under pepper trees with large shrubs
  • boulder and crushed rock succulent pockets


  • remove large aloes harboring rats
  • remove pups around agaves and trim up lower leaves
  • paint irrigation equipment brown
  • replace missing trees in parkway
  • large swathes of boulders and rock mulch in parkway

   Proposed Entry Zone

  Proposed Wall Zone

  Proposed Hillside Zone

  Proposed Flat Zone

Additional Improvements

Proposed Railing Improvements

Proposed Lighting Locations

Landscape materials


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