Yorba Linda 2008- 2014 Housing Element

The City of Yorba Linda retained RRM to prepare a number of planning work products in support of the Draft 2008-2014 Housing Element. Specifically, RRM’s work efforts included the rezoning of fourteen parcels to higher residential densities. This endeavor also addressed the corresponding General Plan and Zoning Code text and exhibit amendments. Two new residential categories were created to accommodate 20 du/ac and 30 du/ac densities, including development of new corresponding development standards and policies. In addition, Zoning Code text revisions and additions were drafted in compliance with current state law regarding density bonus. To ensure multifamily development would be consistent with community values, RRM prepared Multifamily Residential Design Guidelines addressing site design, architectural character, building form, sustainability, and amenities, with a focus on compatibility of infill development for this largely built-out community. RRM worked closely as an extension of staff throughout the process which resulted in project approval by the Planning Commission and City Council.