West Creek Accessory Dwelling Units

West Creek is a residential subdivision covering 18.29 acres in the City of San Luis Obispo that provides 172 residential units in multi-family and single-family homes with Accesory Dwelling Units. The 105 multi-family units include 35 studio units, 63 two-bedroom units, and 7 one-bedroom units with a density of 27.5 units per acre. The 67 single-family units are 3 bed/2 ½ bath homes with attached garages and include 44 “parkway” nits with a density of 8.54 units per acre. The project encompasses two large parcels that were combined into a single project resulting in a more complete design solution which allows the project to meet the unit count targeted in the Orcutt Area Specific Plan while providing additional open space and community amenities.

RRM Design Group