Shell Beach Elementary Multipurpose Room and Parking Lot Improvements

RRM Design Group was hired by Lucia Mar Unified School District to undertake several campus upgrades at Shell Beach Elementary School. This began with reconfiguring the student drop-off areas and school parking lot to enhance student safety and traffic flow. Subsequently, RRM was contracted to design a new 4,960 square-foot multipurpose building, which includes a kitchen, student restrooms, and a multipurpose space used for school assemblies, as a cafeteria, and indoor recreation on rainy days. The building was completed in the fall of 2022, and students have since enjoyed the space, particularly during the many rainy days this season.

What sets this design apart is that it was replicated at two other schools in the Lucia Mar district. Utilizing the same base MPR footprint and structural system, each facility was sequentially developed, customized to site needs, and submitted to DSA. Construction bids were then staggered, resulting in cost-effective and unique facilities for each school. RRM’s design team worked hand-in-hand with the district to develop this innovative solution that has ultimately saved the district time and money. Now known informally as the “MPR Triplets,” the multipurpose room design is currently undergoing construction at Grover Heights and Branch Elementary Schools.