Sequim Playground Design

Within the city of Sequim, WA, there is a pressing need to address the lack of universally accessible inclusive playgrounds at three prominent parks: Carrie Blake Park, Margaret Kirner Park, and Dr. Standard Park. These existing parks currently struggle with outdated playground equipment, hindering their appeal to visitors. Our goal for the project is to create barrier-free, ADA-compliant, and all-inclusive play areas that cater to the diverse needs of caregivers and children of all ages and abilities.

To achieve this, the RRM team prepared concept alternative site plans for each site. The plans showcased various play equipment options and ensured that the playgrounds would be strategically located within the parks, maximizing accessibility while preserving their unique features. Furthermore, the team prepared planning-level cost estimates to help decision-makers plan for the implementation of the play areas and garner grant funding for the projects.

The newly designed playgrounds embrace the distinctive character of each park while dismantling barriers to accessibility, accommodating individuals of all abilities and ages. Carefully crafted play areas, including unified spaces for children of different ages, enhanced options for users with mobility impairments, and amenities for caregivers reflect the team’s attentive approach to addressing the community’s needs. These thoughtful designs ensure that visiting the play areas becomes a truly enjoyable and inclusive experience for all.