San Jose Fire Station No. 34

The City of San Jose hired RRM Design Group to design and engineer a new two-company, three-apparatus bay fire station for their Fire Department. The two-story station design is based on the prototype two-company station in the Department’s Master Fire Facilities Program, also developed by RRM. This 12,000 sf, two-story station was designed for optimal firefighter operations, with careful attention to durability, sustainability, and architectural aesthetics. Designed for LEED® Certification, the building includes materials with low embodied energy and high recycled content and utilizes optimal daylighting. The highly-durable metal structure defines the building as a prominent civic facility that complements its industrial, high-tech neighborhood. The building’s massing, materials, orientation, and engineered systems work together to balance the programmatic demands of this fire station in accordance with the City of San Jose Fire Department’s Master Fire Facilities Program.