the need
for inclusive play

Beyond simply park design, RRM’s recreation team has specialized expereince developing parks for individuals of all abilities. The heart of inclusive play is the notion of removing barriers – not just physical, but social and cognitive barriers as well.  Over the past several years, RRM has had the opportunity to partner with the City of Santa Barbara and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, to continue to shape the inclusive play design of Gwendolyn’s Park.

Featured Projects

Mia's Dream Come True Playground

Tennyson Park, Hayward, CA

Mia Vasquez, the playground’s namesake, is a local girl with a severe form of cerebral palsy, and the overall concept was conceived by her father, Daniel, to meet an unmet need within the District’s park system. Daniel came to the Hayward Area Recreation District in 2016 with a playground sketch on the back of a napkin…

Gwendoylyn's Playground

Dwight Murphy Park, Santa Barbara, CA

“NEVER GIVE UP” is the rallying cry created by Victoria and Bill Strong to celebrate the spirit of their daughter, Gwendolyn, and her struggle with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  Gwendolyn’s Playground will be inclusive, innovative, whimsical, and fun—a place to spark wonder in every age.

Pleasanton's Rise Playground

Pleasanton, CA

The theme is focused on encouraging individuals to rise to their own unique potential and experience the joy of encouraging others to do the same. The design includes play features and activities that allow people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to play and gather side by side.