After a rewarding 30 year career as a planner and urban designer for RRM Design Group, T. Keith Gurnee is announcing his retirement.

Keith will serve as a principal emeritus of RRM Design Group and as the recently elected president of the California Planning Roundtable (CPR), a statewide think-tank organization created nearly 30 years ago to advance the city and regional planning and urban design profession in California. Comprised of 38  public and private planning leaders from throughout the state, the CPR meets regularly to weigh in on issues affecting planning, growth, and development in California. As a member of this organization from 1997-2002 and from 2008 to the present, Keith is looking forward to working with its members in playing a more meaningful role in meeting the challenges that face California.

Roundtable Activities

As president of the roundtable for the next two years, Keith will be an active leader in what promises to be a frenetic period for the organization. In addition to CPR’s ongoing work on “Reinventing the General Plan” to recapture the power and meaning that General Plans once enjoyed, the roundtable has formed five new workgroups to analyze and develop positions and recommendations on the following topics:

  • Economics, Economic Development, and Local Government
  • Finance in a Post Redevelopment World
  • Planning for Changing Demographics
  • Regionalism, SB 375, and Sustainable Community Strategies
  • Healthy Communities
  • Infill Development Challenges and Opportunities

“The roundtable is a great, diverse, and high-energy group of very talented professionals who are willing to dedicate their time to making a difference in our profession,” said Gurnee “and I am looking forward to collaborating with its members — individually and collectively — to address the issues of the day.”

Keith’s History in San Luis Obispo County

With nearly 40 years of experience as a planner and urban designer in San Luis Obispo, a Cal Poly graduate, a former member of the San Luis Obispo City Council, and a principal at RRM Design Group, Keith is headquartered in RRM’s San Luis Obispo office and travels extensively throughout the state and beyond. While attending Cal Poly in 1971, Keith was elected to the San Luis Obispo City Council and served as the youngest elected official in the state of California at that time. Serving over six years in that role, Keith became known as a change agent for community beautification, open government, creek restoration, and open space preservation.

After a stint as Morro Bay’s Planning Director where he completed that community’s first comprehensive Waterfront Revitalization Plan, Keith joined RRM in 1983 where he helped design and implement a number of local projects including the Pismo Pier, Varian Ranch, the Woodlands, the Avila Beach Front Street Enhancement Plan, and a series of conservation transactions that led to the permanent preservation of Bishop Peak. He also oversaw the design and revitalization of Venice Beach, the Prince Memorial Greenway in downtown Santa Rosa, the visioning processes for the Port of Los Angeles and Marina del Rey, and a variety of other urban waterfront, downtown revitalization, and park and recreation projects throughout the state.