Transportation Engineering

Mitigating various transportation issues in the state of California requires experience combined with an ability to find implementable solutions. RRM offers a proven history of producing effective transportation solutions that succeed at meeting both budgetary requirements and producing positive public opinion.

Transportation Engineering Services


  • At-grade crossing safety design
  • Quiet zone establishment
  • Railroad coordination, obtaining required permits and maintenance agreements, to work on the railroad property
  • Coordinating and obtaining required permits from Public Utilities Commission and railroad companies
  • Advance preemption calculations for traffic signals near at-grade crossing
  • Studies for pre-signal and queue cutter signal for at-grade crossing


  • Signing and striping design
  • Preparation of traffic control and detour plans for construction
  • Radar speed zone survey
  • Data collection and traffic collision analysis
  • Traffic circulation and development site review
  • Parking lot design and optimization
  • Parking studies
  • Traffic calming studies
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, and school safety studies
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP)