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The Firehouse: Inside and Out

I was lucky to be invited to join in a visit to the new Firehouse recently. The tour began with a walk-through of the interior, lead by CAL FIRE, Deputy Chief, Rick Swan. Undoubtedly, the most impressive visual feature is the massive trusses above the bays that can house up to 4 engines. We were guided through the office and living quarters, all the while walking on polished, exposed aggregate, concrete floors with skylights overhead and stacks of, yet to be installed, cabinets.

We were shown the Captain’s office, a Sheriff’s interview room, the IT/Communications room with wires dangling from the walls and ceiling that will eventually connect the Station radios, phones and computers. Matt Jauregue, the Emergency Plan Center Chief said, “the County has done a really great job in the technical part of wiring all of our fire stations. It gives us a lot of flexibility. We will be using the County standards with 2 to 3 wireless access points within the building.” We saw a laundry area, the kitchen, four bedrooms and a dayroom that will include an entertainment center. The indoor part of the tour concluded with what will be a carpeted training room with outside access and restrooms that will be available to the community for group meetings.

The outside tour included a 30,000 gallon water storage tank that Kathy Mac Neill, from County Architectural Services, said cost about $50,000, installed. In conjunction with the tank there is a huge fire pump for pressurizing the Station’s sprinkler system. Sheila Lyons asked whether the station would have any photovoltaic panels. Deputy Chief Swan said, “not yet but we are trying to get at least some included in the budget, Fifth District Supervisor, Jim Patterson said “if there is money left, they are hoping to put a system in and that the panels would be located behind the station over the leech field.” We viewed the Landscape Plan, prepared by San Luis Obispo, RRM Design Group. Supervisor Patterson, who has recruited the Creston Garden Club to plant some trees, said he would like to take advantage of the bare root season. Rick Swan said that the Rarrig Construction contract ends February 23rd and that does not include any change list items or certain other county projects. He estimated that mid April would be a reasonable time for completion. He said that a letter requesting authorization for occupancy needed to be signed off by the Board of Supervisors. “Once that is done, then we can actually move in.”, he said.

So, it looks like the old Fire Station will be available for renovation in April, provided that CATCH has secured a ground lease for the property and a permit for the project has been issued. These items are moving through the proper channels and are expected to be in hand by the time of ground breaking for the new Creston Community Center.