From the vcstar.com:

Plans to remake Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard took a small step forward  Tuesday when the Ventura  County Board of Supervisors hired a firm to design a new park and a monument  sign at the harbor’s entrance.

Santa Barbara Park will sit on two-thirds of an acre at Channel Islands  Boulevard and Peninsula Road. The sign will be in the median at the intersection  of Channel Islands and Harbor boulevards, at one of the main entrances to the  harbor.

The Board  of Supervisors voted unanimously to hire RRM Design Group, a San Luis Obispo  firm, to design the park and the sign. The firm’s contract with the county will  pay it up to $224,000 for the design and planning work, according to a report  from Harbor Director Lyn Krieger.

The park will be named after Santa Barbara Island and will incorporate plants  native to the island, as well as elements of the culture of the Chumash tribe  that once lived there.

The sign is meant to provide a landmark entrance to the harbor. It will point  visitors to the different areas of the harbor and also could include an art  element.

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