RRM’s CEO, Erik Justesen was featured in a special section of the San Luis Obispo Tribune regarding his “Words of Business Wisdom”:

Perhaps the one that I seem to connect with more strongly than others and use every day is: Attitude is everything. It helps me every day in business and in life. From my perspective, we all face similar challenges as we go through life. It is how we approach these challenges that can make all the difference. The economy, irritating people, unforeseen bumps in the road, too much on your plate, stain on your shirt, whatever. We can’t control what comes at us, but we can control how we react and approach the situation. I am blessed with a natural “sunny” disposition and have found that if you approach challenging situations with a can-do, positive attitude, you are much more likely to find the path to a good outcome. There are a lot of really smart and talented people in this world; it seems to me that those who also have a positive attitude have the upper hand in enjoying life and success at what they do.

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