The Modesto Area 2 Stormwater to Sanitary Sewer Removal Project was one of three projects in the Central Valley region to be invited to submit a full proposal for Proposition 84 funding. The project uses low-impact development techniques to convey stormwater to Garrison Park, provide water quality treatment, infiltrate stormwater and recharge the groundwater aquifer. The project will reduce the number of sanitary sewer overflows and improve water quality for Dry Creek, and the Lower Tuolumne River. RRM Design Group prepared the preliminary design report, construction documents and assisted the City in preparing the concept proposal application request for $3,000,000.

Located in the fully developed northwest portion of Modesto which has no positive storm drainage system, the project is a cost-effective and low-impact development alternative to constructing detention basins in undeveloped portions of the city and constructing miles of storm drains. Twenty failed dry wells and three direct cross connections to the sanitary sewer will be removed. A centralized water quality device is used to treat stormwater prior to infiltration in a 6.8-acre foot underground retention system. The project renovates the highly utilized neighborhood park with a new baseball field, multipurpose field, basketball court and site furnishings.

For more information please contact Project Manager Bill Strand, P.E. at (949) 361-7950. Click here for the full listing of projects: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/grants_loans/prop84/docs/fp_invitationlist.pdf