The City of Carlsbad held a grand opening ceremony for their new safety training center on Tuesday, May 22nd. The state-of-the-art training facility is the first of its kind in California and includes an indoor 25-yard pistol range, an indoor 100-yard rifle range, residential and commercial burn prop structures and a virtual simulation training room all on a 4 acre site. While the safety training center will be run and maintained by the City of Carlsbad, it was designed to allow cities throughout Southern California to utilize the facility for their own certification and training needs. This will ensure that the region’s public safety teams receive the best training available.

At the ceremony a crowd of around 100 people, including City staff and curious residents, were greeted by beautiful weather as they participated in the festivities. All members of Carlsbad’s City Council were present and had nothing but wonderful things to say as they spoke to the crowd about the numerous training activities and sustainable features that were designed into the project. A pair of local firefighters and SWAT members helped the Council cut the ribbon before all attendees were invited to tour the new facility. City staff made sure to note the outstanding efforts of the design team and RRM Design Group in particular. Perhaps the most excited attendee was the range master who will run the new indoor shooting range; he noted that he felt like a kid at Christmas with all of the options he will have to train his team. RRM is thrilled with how the project turned out and we look forward to seeing the new facility in action.