Architecture Q&A: Trends

In an informal interview with a group of RRM’s architecture staff, we explore the topic of current and future trends within the architecture space. Lenny Grant, Scott Martin, and David Gibbs, three professionals with unique viewpoints and at different stages of their careers, offer insightful perspectives on what they see trending in their field.

This is part one of a three-part series.


Since our mission statement at RRM is Creating Environments People Enjoy, it is no surprise that we love to travel and explore places and communities around the world! Wanting to share and pass along knowledge, a few RRMers set up a quarterly lunch for all staff to share travel stories, tips and different environments that have inspired their work here at RRM. We’ll be featuring excerpts from a selection of these travel stories here each month.

By: Rachael Haacke

Landscape Architect, San Juan Capistrano

I was amazed with the adaptable design in Sydney. Many of the restaurants have outdoor dining with retractable roofs for varying weather conditions.  Outdoor dining was EVERYWHERE in Sydney. Outdoor waterfronts and plazas had adjustable site furnishings. The thing that stood out the most was how CLEAN Sydney was. Clean lines in design, not cluttered, no litter, no gum on the ground, just clean. It was very apparent how everyone respects the city and keeps it clean through design and everyday life. If you ever go to Sydney, make sure to get an Opal card and keep it loaded. Opal cards work on all modes of transportation in Sydney and it made it super easy to get around between trains, ferries, and buses!  We only took one Uber the ten days we were there.

By: Matt Carver

Graphic Designer, San Luis Obispo

I work closely with the Recreation market sector here at RRM, and was the creative director at a park system in a past job. Therefore, I really enjoy seeing how different areas of world handle their national parks: layouts, trails, signage, and more. To that end, I was able to take a few days off recently and explore Glacier and Banff National Parks in a whirlwind road trip. Some stand-out observations: Glacier NP is incredibly underutilized (or maybe I’m just used to Yosemite/Sequoia’s crowds). Going-to-the-Sun Road is one of the most epic highways I’ve ever driven on. Even drunk Canadians are friendly (we visited on Canada Day). Grizzly bears are scary big, even when you’re in a car. When in Banff, get the Stampeder at Eddie Burger.

Check out my trip video here: 

Construction Site Project Tour: The Marsh Street Brownstones

RRM’s staff was invited by to tour the Marsh Street Brownstones by client Andy Mangano. RRM provided architecture and civil engineering services for the project, which began construction in July of 2015. Three of the seven attached single-family units are already occupied, and the final unit is nearing completion. The brownstones feature three stories, rooftop decks, and high-end materials and furnishings.

View a virtual tour and get more information about the Marsh Street Brownstones here: