Why We Love Working Here

Quite simply, RRM Design Group promotes a collaborative, fun, and family-oriented work culture. That is what most find enjoyable about our company, and it’s why we retain high employee marks, retention rates, and quality of work. Comments from anonymous employee reviews are below:

  • “The people: I love who I work with across all disciplines, it feels like family. It really is enjoyable to come to work every day. No matter which department, including corporate services, I feel a part of the RRM team.”
  • “RRM is mindful of work-life balance.”
  • “Project diversity is an incentive for me. By having a full-service firm, you have the opportunities to work on a variety of projects in different geographical regions.”
  • “RRM is really proactive in making it a place where employees come first. It is the polar opposite of the stereotypical sweatshop architecture firm. A 40-hour work week is a real thing!”
  • RRM cares. They care about our communities, they care about the projects, they care about our clients and they care about their people. It is a company with a heart and it shows.”
  • “I’m proud to work for a company that cares about their employees and offers great benefits.”
  • “I appreciate the opportunities for education and growth within my profession, career, and at RRM. A few of my favorite resources are conferences, charrettes, lunch and learns, company updates, the associates program, and even just being able to learn from peers.”
  • “Working at RRM feels good. They hire professionals, treat them like adults, and expect them to perform accordingly. They are not a firm that breathes down your throat or micromanages you. I appreciate that they are a mid-sized firm, large enough to provide solid expertise and support their staff appropriately, small enough to not feel like a giant disconnected corporation. The firm’s owners/shareholders are approachable leaders who are still very much involved in DOING work, most of whom having been with RRM for decades. They are refreshingly transparent about how decisions are made.”
  • “Not focused around the ego of one, but built on the essence of collaboration.”
  • “This sort of ties in with the people that work here and what they value, but it comes together to mean so much more. Our employees are inspired and motivated and engaged in everything they do, and that rubs off on others and creates such a fun environment. I love how active our company is, whether that is physically, or involved in groups and things outside of work. I think it’s great that we get out and get to know each other outside of work, too. Everyone is always so quick to invite others on a hike or a walk or to come to an event.”
  • “At RRM, the bar is set very high for work products, but you have all the tools you need to succeed. The firm is full of smart, talented, passionate people. It is exactly the kind of work environment I’d hoped for.”