Giving Back to Our Communities

Since our inception 40 years ago we have proudly given back to the communities where we live and work. Community giving and outreach is at the core of RRM’s culture, value and mission. From the Land Conservancy to Jack’s Helping Hand to Habitat for Humanity, we are committed to giving back both time and money to help our communities thrive.

RRM’s “1000 HOURS” Program

This initiative was born from a “blue sky” all staff meeting we held where we asked our staff one simple question; what can we do as a firm to impact the greater good? Hundreds of ideas were born from that meeting, including the1000 Hours initiative. The core idea was that if every one of our staff members were to donate their time, we could provide 1000 hours of volunteer time to the communities we live and work.

Every employee is offered paid time off to volunteer at a volunteer organization of their choice. We encourage each staff member to post pictures and videos of their opportunities to our internal facebook page, and at staff meetings to share their volunteer passions with other staff members and to encourage others to attend with them.

Every employee is offered four to eight hours of paid volunteer time off depending on how many hours they work per week. Volunteer time off does not cut into sick or vacation time; it is a tangible benefit above one’s regular personal time off and is not time that needs to be accrued.

We would love for other businesses in the area to join us in providing a similar program. Call us with any questions about implementation, or to suggest local volunteer opportunities!