The Vistas at Pismo Village

RRM recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony for The Vistas at Pismo Village. This lively mixed-use project sits in the heart of the town of Pismo Beach and captures the “village theme” for the residential and commercial components of the development. Pismo’s eclectic styles are a trademark of this Central Coast community and this project draws from its surrounding coastal beach neighborhood. The Vistas’ architectural styles of California craftsman, seaside modern and early California all contribute to an overall project theme of past, present and future to bring to life the concept of various structures being developed over time. The Vistas includes 32 townhome residential units; half of these are detached on individual lots, the other half attached on individual lots. The three-story townhomes average +/- 1,500 sf of living space. Residence parking is both attached and detached. In addition the commercial component along busy Wadsworth Avenue provides 5,800 sf of retail space and parking with a 1,000 sf residential manager’s apartment above.


RRM in the News: Santa Clarita OKs Rivendale Park Proposal For Study

From the Santa Clarita News |  Thu, 09/12/2013 – 3:45pm  |  Perry Smith

Link to original article:

With a 4-0 vote, Santa Clarita City Council members OK’ed a plan to renovate Rivendale Park.

The next step is developing the funding sources necessary and determining if there are resources available to make it happen, said Rick Gould, director of parks, recreation and community services.

“We’ve got a plan, and if we’re able to develop funding, we would then be able to address the design process, among many other things,” Gould said, mentioning grants as one possibility.

“This is the first step in developing a park there. The future development of this park will compete with limited resources,” Gould said.

The proposal approved by City Council members Tuesday, calls for 2.5 miles of additional trails, trail enhancements, a cultural/educational center, 100 more parking spaces and an amphitheater with approximately 400 fixed seats and grass seating, as well as three additional restrooms.

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Multi-Generational Housing Hits Home

By: Scott Martin, LEED AP, Associate

I love Sunday night dinners with my family; it’s a great opportunity to slow down and remember what’s important in life. But a year ago I found myself in a not-so-unique situation. After dinner one evening as my wife put our son to bed I drove across town to return my mother-in-law to her assisted living ”home.” We love that grandma is nearby to see her grandson grow up and be a part of our lives, however her need to give up driving and limited space in our home results in us having to taxi grandma back and forth to accomplish that goal. Deciding we had had enough, we made the decision to move in together, and set off looking for a “multi-generational house.”photo

After months of searching we became very discouraged at the lack of options available to suit our needs. My wife and I wanted to maintain our social life, and her mom values her privacy just as much as we do, so simply moving into a four- or five-bedroom house was not going to provide the independence we desired. Around the same time, we had clients coming to RRM asking for multi-generational housing plans as options in our housing projects. This combination of experiences led me to research the latest trends in multi-gen housing and see how those could be adapted for the Central Coast lifestyle we love so much.

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Santa Barbara based architecture firm merges with RRM Design Group.

San Luis Obispo design firm, RRM Design Group (RRM) recently announced they will be joining forces with Peikert Group Architects (PGA), a Santa Barbara based architecture firm. PGA is a recognized leader in the design of high quality market-rate and affordable multi-family housing, senior housing, mixed use, and commercial projects along the South Coast of California. The firm has received over sixty local, state and national design awards.

Recognizing the economy is showing consistent signs of strength with increased opportunities for growth in the Architecture and Engineering industry PGA and RRM believe the time is right to join forces. A merger will present significant benefits for current and future clients by providing a stronger depth of expertise in a variety of professional design services at competitive rates. PGA clients will gain immediate access to RRM’s multi-discipline services and state-wide practice while RRM will reinforce its housing and mixed use portfolio and gain a strong market base in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

By combining each firm’s unique expertise the new firm will be able to offer a greater range of services and skills to their collective client base. Erik Justesen, RRM Chief Executive Officer noted that the merger “capitalizes on each firms strengths and provides high value expertise to existing and future clients”

PGA will continue to operate in Santa Barbara as an RRM company under the name of Peikert +RRM Design Group.


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SLO Santa Barbara based architecture firm merges with RRM


RRM Announces the Promotion of a New Principal


Jami Williams has recently been named a Principal at RRM Design Group. As a member of RRM’s Urban Revitalization and Planning Team, Jami brings a wealth of expertise, leadership and experience into her new role.

With over 15 years of experience as an urban designer and planner, paired with her background in architecture and business (Bachelor of Architecture and MBA), Jami brings a unique perspective that enables her to advance projects from the early visioning and policy stages through a process that builds consensus and results in successful implementation. She has managed, overseen and served as the creative director for many of the specific plans and design guidelines throughout California and has tackled some very complex projects within politically challenging environments with effective and desirable results. In addition, Jami leads RRM’s design review services group, which provides urban design and architectural support to communities throughout the state.

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Fire Poles – Iconic Fire Station Symbols With a Modern Design Solution

By: Victor Montgomery, AIA

Fire poles are an iconic symbol and historic component of fire stations. The “brass pole” is beloved to children from all over the world and instantly recognizable as a key feature of many, many fire stations. Times and designs of fire stations have evolved of the years from horse- drawn fire wagons to modern aerial ladder trucks but one constant has remained – the fire pole. Firemen were trained in how to properly “slide” the pole and often demonstrated the techniques to adults and school children visiting the fire station. For many generations of us this was part of our image of the fire service – that and fire men rescuing kittens from the upper branches of trees.

However, now in the 21st century with the limited availability and high price for land for fire station locations, the design of stations is changing. With less and more expensive land as the only option for locating new stations, fire station design is changing, particularly in dense urban areas. While fire apparatus seem to get larger and larger and sites get smaller and smaller the natural response is to go vertical. This brings with it issues related to the use and safety of fire poles.

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Park Design – Channeling Your Inner Child

By: Lief McKay, ASLA, LEED AP

Most parents of young children I know have a favorite local park or two. Their reasons vary, but often boil down to something along the lines of convenience, cleanliness and safety. In other words, typical parental concerns. The same issues arise time and time again during the design process. I get it, I’m a father of two kids myself; but I’m also a landscape architect. Speaking from this dual perspective, I think we wise adults can, and should, do more to utilize some of the most creative, uninhibited members of our community: our kids.

Designing parks is a highlight of my job, because they are inclusive, egalitarian places that we all have the right to enjoy and in a sense, own. Municipal park design almost always includes a community outreach process with one primary goal: to find out what the community wants. Community outreach usually consists of one or more public meetings during which the participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns through a variety of techniques and exercises. This process can be invaluable for the design team. Some park amenities are obvious, but who could have guessed there was a strong desire for a labyrinth? Or somewhere for a daily “laughing group” (no, this is not a typo) to congregate and crack themselves up?

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SESLOC Federal Credit Union Breaks Ground on New Campus

RRM recently attended the ground breaking ceremony for SESLOC Federal Credit Union.  The new campus will be located on Broad Street in San Luis Obispo and will feature a 35,000 sf headquarters building as well as a 5,0000 sf branch with a 24-hour ATM service. The ceremony was attended by local leaders and community members.


The Amgen Tour of California

by: William Strand, PE, QSD


As winter slowly passes and with spring on the horizon, it’s time to look forward to America’s Greatest Race, The Amgen Tour of California, or simply, the Tour. For cycling enthusiasts, the Tour is a rite of spring. The 8th edition of the Tour will be held from May 12-19, and will include 16 of the world’s top professional cycling teams. For the first time, the Tour will start in Southern California and proceed in a northerly direction. The Tour will start in Escondido on May 12th and cover approximately 800 miles over 8 stages (days) en route to the finish in Santa Rosa.

Whether you are a cycling addict or have never ridden a bicycle, the Tour has something to offer everyone. With start times around 11 a.m. each day, the Amgen Tour of California Lifestyle Festival is open for several hours before the race start. The festival includes booths from local organizations, bicycle manufacturers and suppliers, food vendors and many other activities. Race starts also offer fans one of the best opportunities to see the racers, their bicycles, team cars and team buses  Fans often line up outside the team buses for a glimpse of their favorite cyclists, and hopefully an autograph (bring your own pen).

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Hermosa Beach nationally recognized for its commitment to create safe, accessible streets

From The Beach Reporter:

The National Complete Streets Coalition ranked Hermosa Beach among the top cities in the nation for its “exceptional work” in developing and adopting “Complete Streets” policies to ensure its streets are safe for users of all ages and abilities, provide easy pedestrian and transit access, incorporate sustainable features and create an attractive and inviting environment, said Mayor Kit Bobko.

The National Complete Streets Coalition, which researches and advocates for improved community development through the adoption and implementation of Complete Streets policies, ranked Hermosa Beach No. 2, behind Indianapolis, out of nearly 130 cities that adopted Complete Streets policies last year.

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